System survey’s are for any water system from municipalities to commercial to mobile home communities.  A survey can be one or a combination of techniques that we utilize to complete our comprehensive leak detection.  We do Acoustic Leak Detection and Correlation Leak Detection.  You can customize your survey based on the particular needs of your system.  

A survey can be as much or as little of a water system as you request.  While it benefits you to conduct a survey of your whole water system you may have a specific need or a special area of concern that you want to address.  Towns that had recent construction over a sensitive water main may want to be specifically tested for leaks.  Maybe you have already isolated a section of your system that you want tested.  We are happy to discuss your particular needs.

Accoustic Leak Detection

A technician uses an electric bicycle to travel from fire hydrant to fire hydrant, listening to the water mains for the noise of a water leak. A highly sensitive device is attached to the hydrant and the technician will record the location for further evaluation. The location will be visited at least one more time to determine if the noise is consistent. At this point, further research is performed with even more sensitive equipment to establish the location of a leak.

Correlation Leak Detection

Two technicians use electric bicycles to travel together from fire hydrant to fire hydrant with correlating equipment. The fire hydrants are the point of contact in the system the correlator uses to listen to the water main. The correlator then analyzes the sound it hears in that segment of the water main and delivers a result in just moments.

Line Location

Line location is when electronics are used to find a buried utility.  We have several options to help with your line location needs.  If the buried material is metalic we can directly connect to the water main, and a radio signal will tell us the specific location of your water service.  If your water line is plastic, we have a tracing wire that can be inserted into your water service and then the electronics can locate your service line.  

We use the latest in pipe locating technology.  Electronic pipe location uses both conductive (directly connecting to your system) and inductive (wirelessly inducing a signal into your system).  The signal is then received by our handheld which will verify the loaction of your particular water line.

Tracing wire is when a fiberglass pushrod is inserted into a homeowner’s plastic service line.  The inserted line is now traceable by our electronic device.This service is recommended for those who have a vested interest in having the smallest dig site possible. Every site will not qualify for this service.

To this day it confounds people that this really works…but it does!  Have you ever heard of a witching stick?  Using a similar concept, a handheld antenna responds to the water line buried in the ground.  Every circumstance calls for different tools.  When working with known starting points this can be a reliable form of line location.

Electronic Line Location
Magnetic Line Location
Tracer Wire